Why do people act like being a vampire is so fucking great. You can’t eat garlic bread so what’s the point

Okay first of all fuck garlic bread

What the fuck. What thef. Uck. You come on here, you come into my house, you take a shit on my post you shit on garlic bread, you shit on everything I stand for, on this, the day of my daughter’s wedding… .



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hey! join this network for the BEST couple of haikyuu!! we’ll have cool skype chats and have lots of fun


  • must be following me (ryogaa) 
  • must love ukatake (duh)
  • must reblog this post 
  • must place the badge on your blog
  • and… you must fill out the application

if you’re chosen for the network, don’t be mean and don’t start up fights! we want a drama free community so we can spend all of our time talking about ukatake (and maybe other stuff). even if ukatake isn’t you’re favorite ship, you can still join! you just gotta like (or love) it.


literally just tsukiyama saying “be cool”


I just wanted an excuse to draw something other than pencil cases
Onoda with a pompadour.

Inspired by this


☆ ☆ ☆ very precious ghoul boy kaneki !!! ☆ ☆ ☆

Haikyuu Animal Parody




Art by: こたろ

Translated & Typeset by: futaba-chi

[Reprinted with artist’s permission. Please also view and bookmark the original piece! Thank you.]

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Application/Badge - Badge credit/Network page

Picture source: Here / about
  • This network for the people who love the pairing Kamuhina (Izuru Kamukura/Hinata Hajime) (❁´‿`❁)*✲゚*
  • 8 spots are open!
  • You don’t have to follow me but I would appreciate it!
  • fill out this survey
  • reblog this post, like if you want to save it or something
  • Have ask open!
  • Be respectful and kind please!
  • When you join please look at everyone’s boxes for pronouns/triggers

Thank you for your attention and have a nice day °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °


As I said, here’s the second part of Haikyuu!! rule 63 characters I love but who didn’t make into the previous post.

This was so fun..I’d wish I have like 4 extra drawing hands so I could draw all of Haikyuu characters;___;

mamma mia, here i go again. my my how can i resist ya ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)
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