takane: [tips fedora]
the personification of boredom (izu): [tips fedora back]
the personification of boredom (izu): finally some fellow mra here to be laid down by
the personification of boredom (izu): misandry
takane: gotta hate that misandry.............. that real misandry...... haha oh man stupid misandry amirite brodude, my bro
the personification of boredom (izu): ur tots right dude... those damn feminists and theyr desire to vote,, who do they thiNK they are womans cant VOTE. ahha
takane: women????????????????? voting????????? no theyll just make a SANDWICH out of the voting paper whaT IS THIS misandry
the personification of boredom (izu): womans place is in the kitchen where they can make me a snadwich and sandwiches for my fellow bros also, whom i like to meet up with sometimes to discuss which one is the best fedora
takane: ahhh yes the fedora gatherings. i too like to compare my many classy fedoras with my fellow men. i also like to end those meetings with a game of call of duty or halo. and of course an honerary watching of mlp
the personification of boredom (izu): but do not forget our godly drink, mountain dew, accompanied with a fine dorito, for us, MANly MEN, there is nothing quite like the taste of dorito when youre ready to prove to some dumb christian that god does not exist with your superior intellct
takane: yes of course my main masculine friend, the holy dorito is a given in the world of activating rights for men. i quite like to enjoy them while browsing reddit, or perhaps 4chan, to find some feminists to majorly troll for a while. maybe ill make fun of some teenagers too. what a grand night
the personification of boredom (izu): yes it is a great fight we face, gentleman, we are in for a war that will finally give us the rights we deserve, such as, punching wooman in the boobers, and also, free access to fedoras, and also, punch woman right in the puss, ald also, stop woman from that thing they do where they think theyre human beings
takane: ahahahaha my brother, my man, my boy, of course that is exactly our goal. those silly woman who think that they can vote??? they can run for president????????? no. they are too EMOTIONAL. they have too many FEELINGS we have to let a strong emotionless MAN run everything. no feels. nothing. crying over mlp is diffferent
the personification of boredom (izu): YES of course its different, mlp is a kind of feel no womama will ever feel, so we are clearly on the advantage here, it is totally for the win as only men can comprehend memes also, the highest form of mass information spreading. im also really disgusted by myself
takane: memes you say? memes about mlp are the superior form of humor. obv this show should cater to us, men, and put all our memes in the sho w i cant. i cant do this anymore


Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS ver.DAICHI


"CONGRATULATIONS!" Said Walter White and Jesse pinkman

"CONGRATULATIONS!" Said big bossman 


"CONGRATULATIONS!" Said reimu hakurei 


"CONGRATULATIONS!" Said godzilla with a gattling gun strapped to

mamma mia, here i go again. my my how can i resist ya ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ)
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